Cancer Support & Survivorship

Resources to guide you through treatment and beyond

Resources and Support Throughout Your Cancer Journey

A diagnosis of cancer can feel overwhelming, and it’s natural to focus on the disease’s physical impact. But cancer affects your emotions as well. At times like this, finding a network of support is essential. Friends and family members can play an important role. So can other people who are walking a similar path.

Strong support can help you feel less isolated, process your feelings and maintain a more positive outlook. Research shows that support also can improve your overall health and quality of life during and after cancer treatment.

When you need help managing cancer-related concerns and symptoms, you can count on the cancer care experts at Anna Jaques Hospital. We are familiar with the challenges you face, and we’re here to listen. We can point you in the direction of additional resources here at our cancer center and in the community.

We can even introduce you to one of our pet therapy dogs who are often “on duty” in our outpatient care areas. Spending time with a therapy dog has been shown to help reduce stress levels. It’s hard not to smile when a furry friend is beside you as a faithful companion.

Another beneficial resource is physical therapy, which can help you manage side effects of treatment. Physical therapy, or PT, can offer pain relief, improve your health and function, and help you return to work and other activities.

Oncology Support Group

We invite you and your loved ones to join our Oncology Support Group at the Anna Jaques Cancer Center. The group meets monthly and provides ongoing support, encouragement and friendship for people coping with a cancer diagnosis and those who have lost a family member or friend to cancer. It is a great opportunity to spend time with others facing similar situations.

Specialized Support for People Facing Breast Cancer

Anna Jaques Cancer Center offers health, wellness and support programs for people with breast cancer. Offering leading-edge care, our experts will be with you every step of the way.

Community Resources

Local and national organizations offer extensive resources for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

American Cancer Society

Local chapters of the American Cancer Society sponsor many supportive programs. Learn more by calling 1-800-ACS-2345 or visiting their website.

North of Boston Cancer Resource

North of Boston Cancer Resource is a comprehensive online guide to complementary therapies and programs. These are designed to help people with cancer survive and thrive through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Grateful Friends

Grateful Friends provides financial support and gift baskets to Middlesex and Essex county residents who are living with cancer or going through treatment.

Karen Wellington Foundation

Karen Wellington Foundation offers people with cancer specialized custom experiences such as trips and sports events. To learn more or nominate a loved one for an experience, visit the website.

Pink Revolution of New Hampshire

Pink Revolution of New Hampshire offers chemo care packages, gifts cards and financial support for people coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Tough Warrior Princesses

Tough Warrior Princesses provides programs, events and inspiration for women impacted by cancer.

YWCA Encore Cancer Program

The YWCA in Newburyport offers the Encore Cancer Program, free warm-water aquatics for people who have experienced breast cancer at any time in their lives. Incorporating gentle exercises, relaxation techniques, information and peer group support, Encore is safe, fun and therapeutic.

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