History of Anna Jaques Hospital

History Rooted in Community

Through the vision and charity of Miss Anna Jaques, our hospital was established in 1884. In 1883, she sought the advice of her family physician, Dr. F. A. Howe, on how best to use her money for the benefit of the community. He told her that the community needed a hospital. As a result, Anna Jaques gave $25,000 and plans were drawn up for Newburyport’s first hospital, originally located at the corner of Broad and Monroe Streets.

On May 7, 1884 the first patient was admitted to Anna Jaques Hospital. By 1901 the hospital's original building had become inadequate. Plans began to take shape and three years later, in 1904, the Georgian Revival building that stands to this day was opened at 25 Highland Avenue in Newburyport.

That "new" hospital remains the centerpiece, and proud historic front of Anna Jaques Hospital today. Although many hospital expansions and an attractive neighborhood, have grown up around the hospital, the original building stands as a testament to one woman's, and one physician's, commitment to the community and its needs.