Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Restoring your body’s function and appearance

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Anna Jaques Hospital 

Whether it's for aesthetic reasons, or if an illness or injury has affected your body’s function and appearance, the plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Anna Jaques Hospital can help you look and feel your best.

Restoring You

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is more than just cosmetic procedures, which improve your appearance. Using the latest techniques, our plastic and reconstructive surgeons focus on restoring your body’s function as well. They can address damage caused by birth disorders, trauma, or illness-related surgery such as tumor or breast removal.

Reconstructive Care for Your Whole Body

If you need reconstructive surgery, you can trust Anna Jaques Hospital. Our plastic surgeons are experts in reconstructive, oncology-related and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. We can address a broad range of needs, including the following.
Body Procedures

Our team offers procedures that address your whole body. These include:

  • Abdominoplasty to improve the appearance of your abdomen.
  • Body contouring after significant weight loss, including body lift, arm lift and thigh lift.
  • Liposuction to remove excess fat.
  • Reconstruction related to wound care.
  • Repair of poorly healed injury due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
Breast Procedures

If you need surgical breast care, we offer:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Breast reconstruction after breast cancer
  • Breast reduction
Skin Procedures

When you have skin cancer or other tumors removed, our surgeons offer facial reconstruction to help you look your best.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem. These procedures repair, reshape or improve the appearance of various body parts. Our team offers:

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • Browlift
  • Facelift
  • Necklift
  • Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)
  • Otoplasty (reshaping prominent ears)

Services & Specialties

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons work with the following specialties to coordinate and deliver care:

Meet Our Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

BILH Headshot Avatar
Catherine Kilmartin, MD Specialty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Care
BILH Headshot Avatar
Mark K. Markarian, MD Specialty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Michele T. Sasmor, MD Specialty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wound Care
Anthony Wilson, MD
Anthony Wilson, MD Specialty Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery