Infectious Diseases

Specialized care for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses caused by infections

Infectious Disease Care at Anna Jaques Hospital

Infectious diseases need expert care. The specialists at Anna Jaques Hospital provide care for both common and complex infectious illnesses. These include infections that come on suddenly, such as skin infections or COVID-19. Our team can also help with the long-term management of infections like human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV).

Our doctors are board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. We have specialized training in infectious diseases. Whether you’re managing a disease or are preparing to travel outside the United States, you can rely on our experts to help keep you well.

Understanding Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. In many cases, these diseases pass from one person to another. But they can also spread through insect and animal bites, or tainted food and water. Having a weakened immune system raises your risk for contamination. However, anyone can get these illnesses.

Some well-known examples of infections include the following:

  • Bacterial: Strep throat, urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Fungal: Athlete’s foot, yeast infections
  • Parasitic: Hookworms, ringworms
  • Viral: COVID-19, influenza

Services & Specialties

Infectious disease may impact many areas of your health. To ensure you receive the highest-quality care, you may see experts from several specialties.

Meet Our Infectious Disease Specialist

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Peter Sebeny, MD, MPH Specialty Infectious Disease

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COVID-19 Information

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