Critical Care

Also known as Intensive Care

Round-the-clock intensive care for critically ill patients

Critical Care at Anna Jaques Hospital

If you or a loved one requires intensive monitoring and treatment during a hospital stay, you can count on Anna Jaques Hospital for compassionate, expert care.

The staff at Anna Jaques offers round-the-clock critical care in the hospital’s intensive care unit, or ICU. You may need critical care:

  • After an emergency
  • If you’ve had major surgery
  • If you have experienced a traumatic injury
  • Your medical condition worsens during a hospital stay

The specialized ICU at Anna Jaques maintains a low nurse-to-patient ratio. Each ICU nurse cares for two patients, at most, when on duty. This allows us to be fully attentive to your needs.

Your loved ones are a valuable part of your recovery. Our team will keep them informed and involved in your healing journey. We’ll also provide emotional support and help you plan for life after your ICU stay.

Newburyport Five Cents Savings “Step-Down” Unit

After your stay in the ICU, you may transition to the Newburyport Five Cents Savings Inpatient Unit/Telemetry Unit. There, our staff provides specialized care for medical and surgical patients, along with people with heart conditions that require close monitoring and treatment.

The Newburyport Five Cents Savings Inpatient Unit is sometimes called a “step-down” unit. It offers advanced monitoring, including telemetry. Telemetry monitoring measures the electrical activity of your heart. This is important for anyone who is hospitalized with a serious heart condition.

In addition to providing continuous medical care, our physicians, nurses and other providers will educate you and your loved ones about what to expect after hospital discharge and how to continue the healing process.

Meet Our Critical Care Team

BILH Headshot Avatar
Jorge Ortiz, MD Specialty Critical Care Medicine
BILH Headshot Avatar
Alexander Panda, MD Specialty Critical Care Medicine
BILH Headshot Avatar
Maher Tabba, MD Specialty Critical Care Medicine
Alla Tibbetts, MD
Alla Tibbetts, MD Specialty Critical Care Medicine

Services & Specialties

The Anna Jaques critical care team includes experts from many specialties who ensure patients receive the care they need.