Employee Health

Also known as Occupational Medicine

Promoting workplace wellness

Employee Health at Anna Jaques Hospital

Employee Health at Anna Jaques Hospital has two main goals. If you’re a worker, we help keep you safe on the job. And if you’re an employer, we help you build a healthy work environment. We understand that keeping a business healthy depends on employee wellness.

Our services are designed to promote health for employees. But we also focus on preventing and managing workplace injury, illness and disability. Whether you’re a worker in need of a pre-employment physical or an employer seeking help with your occupational health services, you can rely on the experts at Anna Jaques.

Occupational Health & Safety Services

At Anna Jaques, you have access to doctors and nurses who are experts in occupational medicine. They offer services that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) exams with certified medical examiners
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Fit for duty exams
  • Hazmat exams
  • Immunizations
  • Pre-placement exams (including specialized exams for police, fire and Coast Guard)
  • Pre-work functional screens
  • Respirator clearance exams
  • Routine physical exams

    Workplace Injury Management Services

    Our providers specialize in treating work-related injuries and illnesses. We also understand the unique needs of the workplace. We know that employers need to keep their employees at work. With advanced knowledge of the workers’ compensation system and expertise in disability management, we're in your corner.

    Payment for Service

    In most cases, employers or workers’ compensation carriers pay for our services. In other cases, you can make your payment with cash or credit card.

    Services & Specialties

    Your Anna Jaques care team may work with experts from other specialties to ensure you get the care you need.

    Make an Appointment

    To speak with a member of our employee health team, please call us.