Also known as Brain Spine & Nerve Care

Care for conditions affecting the brain and nervous system

Neurology at Anna Jaques Hospital

When you need care for nervous system problems, you want the best. At Anna Jaques Hospital, our neurologists have special training so they can investigate, diagnose and treat nervous system disorders.

The nervous system helps the brain communicate with the rest of the body. It includes the brain, spine and important nerves.

If you think that you or someone else may be having a stroke, call 911 for immediate medical attention.

Neurology Services

Anna Jaques neurologists offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment options for those with neurological conditions. We partner with our surgical team to provide the latest in surgical options for neurological conditions.

We are an accredited stroke facility and can evaluate potential stroke patients in our Emergency Department 24 hours a day. We do this at the patient’s bedside using state-of-the-art stroke telemedicine.

Additional Services

Epilepsy Services

Anna Jaques collaborates with New England Neurological Associates, P.C. This practice specializes in diagnosing and treating epilepsy, which causes seizures. The practice’s resources include:

  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Pain medicine
  • Physiatry
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Rheumatology
  • Spine surgery
Diagnostic Neurology Tests

Diagnostic neurology is the scientific study of the nervous system. Anna Jaques uses several procedures to diagnose neurologic disorders or diseases. We offer these tests by appointment only.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Test

An EEG test is a procedure that records the brain's continuous electrical activity using electrodes attached to the scalp.

Electro-Diagnostic Tests

Your neurologist may suggest that you undergo an electro-diagnostic test to help diagnose your neurological condition. We use electro-diagnostic tests to evaluate and diagnose disorders of the muscles and motor neurons.

During this type of test, your care team inserts electrodes into a muscle, or places the electrodes on the skin overlying a muscle or muscle group. They then use specialized equipment to record electrical activity and muscle response.

Meet Our Neurologists

Ilya Bogorad
Ilya V. Bogorad, MD Specialty Neurology
Divya Shah, MD
Divya Shah, MD Specialty Neurology
Benjamin Trachtman
Benjamin Trachtman, MD Specialty Neurology
BILH Headshot Avatar
Lanny Xue, MD Specialty Neurology

Services & Specialties

When needed, your neurologist will work with other subspecialty providers at Anna Jaques to ensure you have the care you need to feel your very best.

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